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WINNES 4G TK905 GPS tracker Global Coverage Real-time Location Tracker Anti Theft Strong Magnetic Waterproof Car locator

WINNES 4G TK905 GPS tracker Global Coverage Real-time Location Tracker Anti Theft Strong Magnetic Waterproof Car locator

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WINNES 4GTK905 GPS Tracker Real-time GPS Tracker Car Strong Magnetic Anti-theft Waterproof Tracking Device for Car Long Standby Global Coverage GPS Locator For Vehicle Car Boat Truck No need Subscription

  • 🚗【4G Car GPS Tracker】GPS + LBS positioning, you can get 24 hours real-time location by call/text G123456# to GPS tracker or tracking by APP/ Webpage,GPS locator to track your vehicles, motorcycle, cars, trucks, vans, bus, boat, camper van.
  • Real-time Location Tracking: when you ask for a location, you can call/text to GPS tracker or login to APP/web platform to check a real-time location. the fastest location update interval is every 10 seconds.
  • 180-day History Route: it autosaves and records the newest history route for 180day. View the car's driving route, where to stay, how long to stay, etc. you can playback anytime anywhere.
  • Geo-fence Alarm: if you often park your car somewhere, you can draw a safe area on there and set it as a geofence alarm range. after setting this alarm, if your car gets in or gets out of the safe range, you will get an APP notification.
  • 🚗【Easy to Install】The gps tracker device has a built-in powerful magnetic, which is easy to hide. It can be placed in the car seat, in the front and back of the car, motorcycle.
  • 【Common Functions】[1] Real-time tracking tracking, the fastest download location interval is every 10 seconds. [2]Vibration alarm function, if the car restart after parking for five minutes, the tracker will send a text message reminder to your cellphone.[3]Geo-fence in/out alarm,,set a safety area for your tracker(vehicle), when it gets in/gets out of that range, APP will send a notification.
  • Lifetime free platform, using our equipment, can use APP and web page login for life free.
One account name can manage multiple devices at the same time. If you have multiple device IDs, you can use your mailbox to register the user name and add your ID, or contact the platform customer service to create a new user name and add a device ID, so you can log in with one account name and view the location of multiple devices at the same time.

Test account:
Access platform URL:  / WINNES APP
Demo user name:888
Password: 123456

Real-time tracking

3 positioning methods: SMS, APP, WEB.

APP/WEB-Real-time positioning can be viewed anytime, anywhere by logging into the APP and the web. Note: You only need to buy a 4GSIM card, have the functions of calling, receiving text messages and surfing the Internet.

SMS-You can also send a "G123456#" to the device, you can receive a text message with a Google location link, click to view the location information.


You can set the range of the geofence in the app, and when your device enters or leaves the area, it will remind you through the app or SMS, and send you an alert message. It can prevent motorcycles or cars from being stolen, and can also be quickly located and retrieved. It can also remind you when your family members go out and come back.

180 Days History Memory

The tracker can keep the historical route records of the last 6 months, and the route records of any time period can be viewed at any time through the app or the web. Lost things can be found by viewing historical routes and checking places visited.

Your car's route, parking time and location are automatically saved, and you can choose to see driving directions on a past day.

Long standby and portable size

Energy saving mode:

In SMS positioning or in standby mode: normal use time 1-2 months

Activate vibration mode:

When the GPS feels the vibration, it will start uploading the data to the APP within 10 seconds Normal use time: 7-30 days

Waterproof and Magnetic

The GPS car tracker is IP65 waterproof, so you don't have to be afraid of rainy days, but it can't be placed in water. There are also 5 strong magnets on the back, which are easy to install and have strong adsorption force. It can be adsorbed on the surface of any iron object and is not easy to fall off.

4G Global Coverage Tracking

Full Netcom 4G GPS Tracker, 4G Chip, Higher Fault Tolerance Rate, Faster Response Speed than 2G GPS Tracker.

Real-time accurate positioning (15 seconds) .Compared with other trackers which get positioning every 3 to 20 minutes, with our GPS positioning products, you can get more accurate route.

Security Alert Reminder

4G gps car tracker includes but not limited to low battery alarm, over speed alarm, vibration alarm. Once these alarms are triggered, a notification reminder will be sent to you through the app or SMS to ensure the safety of your items and personal safety.

✨ 【Product parameters】

Size: 90mm x 72mm x 22mm (3.5 x 0.8 x 0.8in)

Weight: 168g

Charging input: DC 5V-1. 0A

Battery capacity: 3.7V 5000mAh

rechargeable Li-ion battery

Network: GSM/GPRS/LTE GS M: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm

Reasonable GPS range: 5m

How to use?

1. Insert a SIM card that supports GPRS cellular network locally, cancel the PIN code, and enable GPRS and SMS text message services on the device. If the SIM card in the device does not have the SMS function, you will not receive the OK reply from the device. If your SIM card does not have GPRS traffic function or this function is not turned on, then the device cannot be displayed online on the APP.

2. Dial the SIM card of the device and hear a beep or busy tone, indicating that the SIM card has been inserted and the device has read the card.

3. Use mobile phone text messages to send the corresponding APN instructions one by one to the SIM card in the device.

4. After receiving all OK responses, remove the SIM card from the device, insert it into the device, and the device reads the card.

5. Select the ID/IMEI number and default password 123456 to log in to check whether the device is online.

 1 x 4G TK905 GPS Tracker

1 x Charging cable

1 x User manual

1.All products have been strictly Quality Checked in house before packing.
2.All products have been well packed before shipping.
3.One year warranty is provided for all models.We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.

11 YEARS EXPERIENCE OF OEM AND ODM SERIVCE,All our equipment has obtained CE and FFCC certification, and the quality is safe and reliable.

1.Sample and small order will be delivered within 2-3 working days after the receipt of payment.
2.For order over 500pcs or customized order,lead time will be 8-10 days after the receipt of payment.Please contact our sales to make sure the current inventory.
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